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766 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(L to Grand St. station, 1 block west)

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The songs on The Last Cathedral are like well-polished little gems. It sounds like Minogue and Barry have been writing together forever. I wouldn't be surprised to hear a few of these cuts on college radio. The layout and graphical design are another area where they score big points and it just goes to show that they obviously spent a great deal of time and attention to detail on every aspect of the CD. The Last Cathedral will only get better with time and repeated listens.

-- Sea of Tranquility

:: The Last Cathedral is a tremendous sleeper hit. The music inside is some of the most genuine and honest to come out in the last few years.

-- Neufutur Magazine

:: There comes a time in everyone's musical mood when he or she gets a hankering for Bob Dylan-esque lyrical landscapes à la "Subterranean Homesick Blues," whether he or she knows it. The next time this hits you, check out Violet. The band, which features many additional musicians who color the music with a variety of instruments, expresses itself in a lyrical mosaic. The album features some of the most diverse musicality that one can find as of late. Obviously, a mainstream producer hasn't had the chance to pigeonhole the band's sound into a candy-coated and easily digestible formula.

-- The Daily Lobo

:: Who knew that a Brooklyn-based duo would know much about folk music? The Last Cathedral is an ethereal, thoughtfully modern folk release. Produced by Adam Lasus, who has worked with such talents as Yo La Tengo, Clem Snide and Helium, the CD sounds great and has a vibrancy to it that's often missing from folk music. Barry's instrumentation compliments Minogue's vocals perfectly, which only adds to the acoustic excellence on this CD. The duo is able to effortlessly mix old and new styles.
Among the standout tracks are "Pilot”, Fill You In" and "MaryAnne's Last Stand," the entire CD is filled with poignant musical moments. Take time to stop and smell the violets. The Last Cathedral is well worth the listen.

-- Up and Coming Magazine

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:: Violet's new record, The Last Cathedral, is now available.

:: We've teamed up with The Planetary Group to launch a college radio campaign! We will be contacting 300 stations across the US and Canada. If you are a radio station and would like a copy, please drop them a line.

:: The Last Cathedral included in the 25th Anniversary edition of The Big Takeover Brooklyn's Meredith Minogue and James Barry are 'Violet', and The Last Cathedral is their hypnotic, profoundly potent, second album. Minogue's vocal delivery is a force to be reckoned with; She truly makes each sung word believable, as if you are somehow getting a window on little moments of her life. You may not unravel all of her lyrical poetry, but..you'll still care. Bottom line? this shit is the real deal. Every track here is a highlight, but, I'll cite a few of my faves: 'Pilot', the opener, with perfectly layered acoustic and electric guitars from James Barry, = ace material. 'Fill You In', a cautionary tale we all can relate to, about a 'friend' we've all had to deal with, is profoundly on the money... And the killer title track... know what? just find this album, then try and catch one of their amazing live shows(in the NY area) Violet may well become your new favorite band. www.violetsong.com

-- By Mike Pearlstein

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